Nuzly software / game development with c# c++ & unity. Experimenting with voxel graphics in unity for creation of dynamically evolving worlds.

:: Game project currently heading toward a launch on steam, date TBA.

Other work and projects include data conversion / systems integration, SNMP device monitoring, database driven & commercial, value adding web applications.

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Who / why / what is Nuzly?

Nuzly is my abbreviation of Nuzzly or Nuzzle. I’d register that domain but its parked and for sale for an unreasonable amount of money. So for now, I’m stuck with this 🙂

I started coding on the TRS-80 in the late 80’s as a kid. My father was a programmer of sorts and he’d bring machines home and let me play with them from time to time. I loved that thing. It was there i had my first experience with BASIC and later armed with a 286 wrote several small games, mini 3D RPGs, side scrolling space shooters and what i thought were very cool intro animation screens. Sure, it was not ASM, but it allowed me to try my ideas and see results.

With a keen interest in computing it was not long before i discovered the new world of 3D graphics on newer PC’s like Intel’s impressive x86 beast, the 486. My first experiences with 3D were programs like 3D Studio Release 4 for dos and later 3DSMAX v1 and Rhino3D — an incredibly powerful and affordable organic modeler for its time, combined they taught me a lot.

Many years later, the software and language has changed but the interest remains. Now i turn to C# & C++ as i once did to BASIC and look to Blender and the Unity3D framework along with musical tools like Reason to bring ideas to life with power i could barely have imagined all those years ago.

I’m Jase and Nuzly is an expression of what i love to do. Create.



:: Blocky voxel engine with procedural & dynamic plants.

nuzly marching cubes

:: Smoother voxel engine with procedural and static elements. See News and recent posts (here , here  & here) for updates.

:: Honing my node editor skills in blender. A way to go, but enjoying the journey.