nRnd 0.1 Release Notes

#### nRnd Alpha 0.1 Release Notes ####

Main Panel
– Support for image sizes 128×128 to 2048×2048 must be 1:1 ratio.
– Save and load images.
– Start / Stop random placement for automated drawing. Speed adjustable.
– 1 level of undo.
– Save default settings
– Save custom settings files.
– Load custom settings files.

– n value (number of items to draw)
– z value (distribution of n in 360′)
– n function (use n and z values to distribute brush)
– q function (nested n function)
– t function (nested q function)

# note: n,q,t may be consolidated in future into a separate dynamic system with unlimited nesting.

– d function (re-scale diameter of brush using slider)
– c function (allow color change per individual pattern entity)
– Symmetry x (pseudo mirror on x axis)
– Symmetry y (pseudo mirror on y axis)

# note symmetry does not flip shapes, only x,y coordinates.
– Seamless (seamless tiling of square and circle shapes – functions are not 100% supported)

# seamless and symmetry is sometimes broken when using zoom.

– Taper radius (draws shape from current radius to 0 – speed adjustable)
– Pulse radius (draws shape from current radius to 1 to current radius and repeats – speed adjustable)
– Random Radius (sets random radius between min and max values, refreshes each brush iteration)

-Adjust R,G,B,A on sliders (A not yet functional)
– Fade to white (does not work with random or cycle)
– Fade to Black (does not work with random or cycle)
– Random (sets random color per brush iteration – lightness and speed adjustable)
– Cycle (Cycles color per brush iteration – lightness and speed adjustable)

– Shape (Set to circle, Square or Polygon)
– Fill (fill shape)
– Lines (draw shape lines. If fill is also selected, adjust mode of lines (invert, darker, lighter))
– Overlay (overlay lines on top of filled shapes) ## testing.
– Line Width (thickness of lines)


– Jitter (random re-placement of pixels within range, will leave transparent background where no pixels are placed)
– Jitter+ (random overlay of pixels within range, retains original pixels)
– Gaussian ( Gaussian blur #slow)
– Smooth (Smooth blur #slow)
– Colour (colour remapping to current selected colour)
– Gamma (not configured – linked to colour)
– Brightness/Contrast ( adjust brightness/contrast # no preview)
– Grayscale ( convert to grayscale)
– Invert (invert color)

– Zoom in and out
– reset to 100%

– Draw directly on canvas by holding down LMB.
– Hold LMB down when drawing out of canvas to continue (useful when using seamless or symmetry) # currently limited to greater canvas area
– Ctrl+z to undo
– space-bar to toggle start/stop automation.