Caustics – Animated Textures


I spent some time today on working out a pipeline to generate caustics animations for use in commercial projects which did not involve me writing any software. There are some great tools out there already but i didn’t really want to spend any additional money on this just yet.

These images are free for commercial use. If they are used commercially please remember to at least give credit to Kjell & Mathias as below. 🙂

The animation sheet plays left to right, top to bottom, 8 columns, 8 rows.


:: Created with Caustics Generator v1.4 and Adobe Photoshop.

Caustics Generator v1.4
Kjell Andersson (
Mathias Bergvall

Lava Planet in Blender


Having recently purchased the SpaceVFX tutorial series for Blender, I’ve been having a lot of fun working on content for this game project. I may render out maps for real-time display or just use static images for level / world selection.

Changing the color of SpeedTree materials at runtime in Unity3D.


Need to instantiate and then tint some trees for your scene. Try something like this;



Game Engine Status Update 2


Fixed some things, broke some other things. Added a mob with a very simple chase function. More to come.

Some more digging in this video, you can see the marching cubes shapes are a bit jagged and lighting is bare bones / rough. Work in progress. I have some old light spreading / radiosity type code for 3D voxel arrays in minecraft type worlds but its pretty tricky stuff and may take a while to adapt and implement. That along with water.