Volcanic Planet in Blender

Created after watching part of the excellent SpaceVFX series. So many useful tips and tricks i”ve picked up so far from that. The game project i’m working on will require assets like this, so the purchase of the SpaceVFX tutorial series has been well worth…

Game Engine Update

Engine looks to be reasonably stable and responsive. I have a lot of code to clean up and some routines will need to be worked through again to bring better efficiency. There is also a feature wish list a mile long. That said,  I think…

Unity Voxel Engine Test

Built from a mashup of various marching cubes experiments. It looks to be very responsive and while there were still bugs at this point it’s looking like it will be usable for game projects.

Chunk Class for Unity Voxel Engine (Example)

Here’s an example of a Chunk class i use in some variants of the engine. This one is a bit experimental but working OK so far.  

Creating a grid mesh programmatically in Unity 3D

Accessing strings in c++ from c#

Scenario; You may have some c++ code you wish to output string data to be used in a c# application.

SQL to JSON with C#

This seems to work quite well. If there is a more efficient way please let me know.


php mysql database connection

Connecting to mysql via php.

this is nice to keep in a separate file (inc/conn.php) which can be included into other pages via;