Unity 5 Voxel Engine Update – Photon Multiplayer


more stuff here. more stuff to do. stuff..n stuff..

1. Implemented multiplayer chat with Photon from exit games. I’m not looking to implement full multiplayer yet but perhaps a town or village where people can meet in between battles. It will be easier to learn Photon this way and also give me a chance to clean up the code a bit.

2. Added a Shakespearean random name generator.

3. Rewrote mesh distortion, vastly simplified version. Still needs some adjustment.

TODO: debug everything, re-write lighting code, add new mobs, npcs

2 thoughts on “Unity 5 Voxel Engine Update – Photon Multiplayer

  1. Jörg

    Hello, i saw your voxel engine. How can i buy a copy from the asset? only for private project.

    If Yes, How is includet in the Voxel engine?

    Thank you for answer.

    • ndev


      I am not selling this engine code. It’s made with unity and a lot of modified public free code snippets and free/cheap libraries & assets for the core components of the engine. I think you could make yourself something similar in a week. If you have questions on how things work let me know. 🙂

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