After adding noise generation to nRnd I decided it was a good time start a new project based on direct pixel manipulation rather than drawing via C# graphic/shape libraries. This is what i have so far.

The rendering is sent to the c# background worker so the UI has little to no lag.


managed to add tiling hybrid simplex noise. its still a bit messy but it does tile.

nRnd Noise

Added basic simplex noise generation.


Thanks to Stefan Gustavson and Cabby Node Games for their explanations. I’m still working on getting it seamless tiling and as fast as possible. Currently using unsafe c# over bitmap byte array. I think some of the noise function can be optimized but at this stage the performance is acceptable and i may add a non realtime render option for high resolution, high octave noise.

nRnd User Interface 2.0

I had wanted to do this a while ago but couldn’t figure it out. It’s actually not so difficult after all.These are some simple home baked collapsible panels using c# wpf. Along with all this I’ve added a lot of the UI into the saved settings so when you reopen the program it looks close to how you left it, Window size/position, panels, etc.