SKOQ – Some Kind of Quest

This game project is a much simpler distillation of many ideas I’ve had over the years. The marching cubes and voxel engines i’ve messed about with have been a great deal of fun but some of the math involved is out of my league and i find myself eventually hitting walls which stall the project.

With this i’ve decided to try and simplify things to a degree.

I’ve taking inspiration from games like Ultima IV and board games like Talisman and Dungeon.

Initially i used the scripting and development platform in the virtual world SecondLife to build a prototype. SL uses a script language similar to C# called LSL, so some of the noise scripts i used for pseudo random terrain generation were translatable. The prototype worked well, though it was a challenge, an admittedly enjoyable one to work within the constraints.

SKOQ prototype made in Secondlife
The SKOQ prototype made in SL

Bringing this into Unity was very straightforward. Unity has all the tools you need and working with GameObjects made everything pretty simple (so far).

It’s still not at the point where it has the features of the Prototype but the basics are here and i now have a chance to throw a bit more at it given the additional power of unity, custom shaders and mobile platform support.